Senin, 18 April 2016

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There's a question.
What does she mean to you?

How can I say, uhm, let's say she's a lighter.
That ignites the undead fire of me. Surprisingly the lighter wasn't yellow or blue fire. But, just like a rainbow. That come after the storm. Being so mean in my cloudy and blue sky-feeling.

I just kind of forget how it feels when butterfly in my stomach. Because she's just brings the whole zoo.
And, just like she said, the truth is I never get a chance to meet her personally.
I wonder how it feels when to talk to her.
Maybe I can be her shadow of the bright light she made.

So, to sum it up.
She fills my emptiness. And make the blank space as a special place.

I hope that I will find her before somebody else does.